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Jewel Phoenix
05 March 2020 @ 07:49 pm

Comment to be added.


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Jewel Phoenix
06 March 2015 @ 10:11 pm

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Jewel Phoenix
Hi gang!

It's been years since I've made my last post, and to be honest I've missed going here in Livejournal. So as a short welcome home gift to myself, I've made a bunch of Rei Saotome Icons ♥ Yup, I still love her after all these years. She's such a sweetheart. :3


blair6    blair10    blair4-2

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Total: 16

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Jewel Phoenix
Detective ConanMythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

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Jewel Phoenix
Icon Fail: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Judai Yuki - 10
Manjoume Jun - 10
Fujiwara Yusuke - 5

Total: 25

CHAZZaroo~ icons are for orechibisama 



I absolutely love him when he smiles.Collapse )
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Jewel Phoenix
08 March 2010 @ 02:06 pm
Hello minna-chama~! Here are some Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Colorbars that I made. ♥

Do you know that colorbars are so colorful~?Collapse )
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Jewel Phoenix
08 March 2010 @ 10:47 am
Icon Fail: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Johan Anderson - 10



For kyuupiyomii 

Because rainbow lovers are love. ♥Collapse )
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Jewel Phoenix
07 March 2010 @ 10:06 pm

Card for you Pictures, Images and Photos

Edo Phoenix sent me a letter that says:

_ _ O _ E _ _ U

Can you help me figure out his message? :P ♥

By the POWER vested upon this blogcrew,
I hereby claim Edo Phoenix.
And since this blogcrew PWNS all OTHER blogcrews,
He’s mine. ALL MINE. Sucks for you.

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Jewel Phoenix
Icon Fail: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Saotome Rei- 15
Edo Phoenix - 6

Total: 21



Ever heard of 'ladies first'? JERK!Collapse )
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